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ATD Webcast —Linking Assessment Data to Training Outcomes
June 28, 2 pm

Join us for a fun event July 13th with our friends from Boston ATD.  (see details in body of newsletter)

ATD — Designing Learning Certificate Program

August 9–11, 8:30 AM–4:30 PM

Microtek - Boston (Burlington)

Please be sure to use our CHiP code 1201 when you register

Details can be found here



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Note from the President:

Now more than ever, we as practitioners are called upon to develop management training. Exceptional programs are the cornerstone of success for organizations and companies. They create managers that develop staff, create and communicate vision, and empower others. This month we focus on managers and tools to assist them in being more effective.

Our CMATD Blog features“Humanizing Your Virtual Team” by Stefanie Heiter, an ATD webcast on “6 Secrets of High Performing Managers,” and a TedTalk by Simon Sinekon “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” I encourage you to utilize these resources to enhance your programs or workshops. I also hope that you join us for a webcast later this month, Linking Assessment Data to Training Outcomes on June 28 at 2 pm.

Thank You,

Dyan Madrey

President, CMATD



Humanize Your Virtual Teams

By Stefanie Heiter

Partner with Bridging the Distance

It’s spring, which means commencements and the accompanying speeches delivered by people with varying degrees of fame. One that received less press was given by Arnold Schwarzenegger at the University of Houston, where he said: “The self-made man or women is a myth.”He went on to say “Now, on your diplomas, there will be only one name on it and this is yours. But I hope that…you don’t think you made it this far by yourself. No you didn’t. It took a lot of help. None of us can make it alone. None of us.”

This is an important message to graduates entering the workforce, as they will need to rely on other people to succeed. It is also a reminder to those who already have many years of experience, and know the trials and tribulations of teamwork. Research by Alex “Sandy” Pentland found that the most important predictor of a team’s success is its communication patterns. These patterns are as significant as all other factors – intelligence, personality, and talent – combined. Read more

CMATD Blog: Guest Authors Wanted

The new CMATD Blog is a great way to share knowledge, insights, best practices and lessons learned around workplace learning and development. Is there a topic you’d like to address? CMATD members and sponsors are invited to contribute.

Guest posts will be featured on the CMATD Blog and in our email newsletter. Submissions should focus on issues of interest to learning and development professionals, with a goal of contributing to our community of practitioners and generating dialog, reflection and new ways of thinking.

Add your voice to our blog. Email Scott Rolph to learn more.

Join your ATD colleagues at this fun summer social in Framingham, MA

Thursday, July 13, 2017

6:00pm – 8:30pm

Join us for this special joint event with our friends from the ATD Boston chapter.  

The evening of fun will include:

  • An overview of the craft beer industry from one of Jack’s Abby “SMEs.” (And believe us, there is more involved with the craft beer industry than you can imagine!)
  • A tour of the Jack’s Abby brewery newly expanded operation center, including their two highly popular pubs and a corporate banquet room.
  • Cornhole, ladders, and other fun social games
  • Networking with your ATD colleagues
  • Plenty of exceptional beer, wine, & food

People are coming from all over New England to visit this highly popular new brewery and we’re really happy to offer this opportunity to our group. Hope that you can make it! Cheers!!


Jack's Abby, 100 Clinton Street, Framingham, MA 01701


ATD Webcast: 6 Secrets of High-Performing Managers

Watch this archived ATD webcast on actions, practices and behaviors that distinguish high-performing managers. Presenters from Root, Inc. draw from research conducted by the firm to explain the following:

·       Why leading with purpose helps make managers critical to change

·       What high-performing managers do better than the rest

·       How organizations can transform managers to power change

View the webcast (1 hour) 


TedTalk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Leadership author and speaker Simon Sinek explains his simple model for inspirational leadership. Watch the video (17:57) 

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Mission Statement

CMATD is a chartered local chapter of the Association Talent Development.  As such, it is a professional organization dedicated to the growth and development of its members in a supportive learning environment in the hope of contributing to their business success.

We strive to provide quality professional development programs in the workplace learning and performance development disciplines.  We also deliberately foster opportunities for networking among professionals, collaboration with businesses and organizations and the exchange of best practices solutions and information. 

We are in service to our membership, our program attendees, our strategic alliances, other Human Resource Development professional organizations, and sponsoring organizations.

The Board of Directors

Dyan Madrey – President

Open – President Elect

David Hofstetter – Past President

Ryan Rosiello– Director, Programming and SIGs

Dan Twombley – Director, Finance

Scott Rolph - Director, Communications

David Prince – Director, Marketing

David Hofstetter– Director, Membership

Carol Miller – Director, Volunteers

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ChIP is a revenue-sharing program that offers chapters an opportunity to earn revenue when certain ATD products and services are purchased online or by phone using a chapter's unique ChIP code.

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